Rhyme Originatorz

Rhyme Originatorz was established in late 2004 by member Calicokid of Immortal Minds. The label was put together for the purpose to mix and master  hip hop music independently. In the beginning Calicokid was the only artist under Rhyme Originatorz as a solo hip hop rapper/producer. Within the year of 2005 – 2006 a group was assembled by Teren G (Teren Generals) and Droopy the don. The duo offered Calicokid to be the third and final member of the group. In the summer of 2006 Immortal Minds officially became a trio under Rhyme Originatorz. Throughout the time other artists have also been added to this hip hop music label. In 2010 Jumpship joined the label as a solo recording artist. He has actively been recording, preforming and featured in fellow label mates projects. All label artist’s are currently in the studio developing upcoming albums to be mentioned in the future.